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Cross Curriculum French / Textile Project

This was a project with the whole of Year 8 at Ysgol Bro Hyddgen, appoximately 55 pupils over a period of 2 days. 

As a response to the new curriculum which is slowly being introduced, the aim of this project was to combine French and Textiles and create a textile piece as a response. 

We spent some time with the pupils developing their sketching skills and experimenting with different materials. We discussed the relationship between images and words and looked at Peter Finnemore's work to discuss how titles influence the viewers opinion of the art work. 

Simultaneously, the French Teacher discussed slogans, words and fonts, and the Art Teacher worked on combining photographic images, textiles and fonts. 

Each pupil created an original textile piece based on a subject of their choice.

See a video of the project here:

"All the children really embraced it."

Madame Bascou, French Teacher

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