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Ennyn CIC were funded by the ‘Dolau Dyfi’ project, a project which undertakes work to reverse the decline of and so improve and restore flowering habitat that local people and visitors can enjoy, while also benefiting pollinators, farmland birds and other species, and providing new opportunities to engage with nature.


PONT Cymru and ENNYN CIC will collaborate to facilitate a creative community project which will evolve into a walking guide/book full of information about wildflowers and local history, and a virtual map which will be launched in Spring 2022.


Community art workshops have already taken place during the Summer of 2021 at local schools and in Machynlleth Community gardens. 


“Thank you for the great experience, it was beautiful, the music so lulling I could have stayed all day. So informative. Loved the enthusiasm about wild, native flowers & plants. It felt empowering & joyous.” 


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