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We were very excited to be working with the charity Cambrian Wildwood on this project at two schools - Pennal and Corris.

The project involved taking them up to an area of woodland in Mid Wales for the first day to learn about our native woodlands, take time to be in nature, sketch, play, eat by the fire, and learn about the  the wildlife that thrives here. 


Taking time out to learn creatively was such a fantastic opportunity for the children.

We then worked in the schools for a further 3 days to create art work as a response to what we'd learnt on the first day. This included making sketchbooks and filling them with prints from tree rings, paintings of native birds, monoprints based on their original sketches and colour pallets. We then created 4 large murals to go on the schools exterior walls of 4 native trees. The brief from the pupils and headteacher was to create a bright mural in a graphiti style... so that's what we did! 

"This is so much fun, it doesn't feel like learning."


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